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Hello, I'm Lee & Ally!

Also known as the shining light that guides you through complex legal matters.

Nice to meet you, Lee & Ally.

The pleasure's all mine!

By the way, I speak in human, understandable terms.

Oh, that’s useful, exactly what I need.

Can I help you with a legal issue?

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Hi there!

Lee & Ally is a virtual chatbot that gives an understandable answer to your legal questions. No law firm, but a messenger tool available 24/7 that guides you through the maze of rules and laws. And way cheaper.

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How does it work?


You simply create an account and voilà: Lee & Ally is on standby 24/7. Anytime, anywhere. Even for those urgent 4am questions.


Understandable language

Forget about lawyer lingo and other incomprehensible jargon: Lee & Ally answers your questions to the point and in normal speak, without citing endless laws.


Smarter by the day

The more questions Lee & Ally receives, the better the answer. Didn’t find the right answer to your question immediately? Don’t worry, the human help desk of theJurists Europe will immediately come to your aid.



When I consult my legal adviser, I want answers asap. With Lee & Ally it only takes a couple of seconds.

When my customers have questions about the privacy of their personal data, I can just ask Lee & Ally directly.

Now I don’t have to hesitate whether I should call my lawyer, just so I could spare costs.

Meet theJurists

All legal knowledge of Lee & Ally is based on the expertise of theJurists Europe, acquired over the course of many years. You’re not asking for advice from one single professional, but from an entire firm, and you’re getting an insight into our collective know-how. Got some more questions? Check out our FAQ .


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You can help Lee & Ally get better at advising clients every day and get yourself some good advice thrown in.

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An in-house jurist who never complains about working over-time. Sounds good, right?

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